Let’s end overfishing together!

Dangerously high fishing limits and wasteful discarding are destroying our fish stocks. Help us to put this right.

Overfishing is destroying the wealth within the  EU’s seas. If left unchecked, overfishing will devastate fish stocks, and the coastal communities that rely on fishing for their livelihoods.

This year we have a number of important opportunities to end overfishing, but we need your help to convince politicians to do the right thing. Will you sign our petition, demanding that your country’s fisheries minister takes action to end overfishing?

The issue

EU Member States have already signed up to a law designed to end overfishing, but they’re failing to honour their obligations and failing to enforce the law. This could mean disaster for our marine environment, and destroying the future of our fish stocks.

It doesn’t have to be this way - in fact, the solutions are simple: EU Fisheries Ministers must:

  • Set fishing limits at sustainable levels - as advised by international scientists;
  • Give more quota to low impact, sustainable fishers, and those who comply with the law*;
  • Implement the use of remote electronic monitoring on fishing vessels; this will ensure  that less  fish will be thrown dead and dying into the sea, and that all catches will be counted.

Please take action today!

* Yep, EU governments are currently awarding quotas to fishing companies that are breaking the law. This has to stop.