Email Commissioner Vella to #EndOverFishing!

On 17th - 18th December our EU Ministers, including EU Commissioner Vella, will meet to discuss fishing limits in our seas. These limits are essential to ensure we don’t take  more fish out of the sea than can reproduce for the coming years. Our greed today could mean devastation in the future, not just for the environment, but also for communities that rely on fish for their food and livelihoods. 

Our politicians have already made commitments to end overfishing by 2020, but as crazy as it might seem, they are currently ignoring their own promises by continuing to set fishing limits dangerously high. 

Scientists and experts have been clear on how much fish we can afford to take without doing irreversible damage to our precious oceans. It’s so important that this advice is no longer ignored. 

We have an important opportunity coming up to put this right!

Tell EU Commissioner Vella to put an end to overfishing this December. Ministers under a lot of industry pressure to keep ignoring the scientific evidence, so we desperately need your help to encourage them to save our fish and end overfishing. 

Your email could make all the difference. It takes just a moment to send, and we’ve even provided some text to help get you started.